"About the trajectory of the EIM with Grendene, these twenty-three years, we have much to talk about! But more than talking, the continuity of the relationship is what strengthens this partnership. The level of demand in term of quality and standard that Grendene imposes on their work, have always been fully serviced by EIM.

We did not fail to produce a pair of shoes even for late delivery of new construction or renovations that EIM has been involved. Our partnership since 1990 is our best recommendation."

Darci Battistelo | Finance Manager - GRENDENE S/A

Synonymous with COMMITMENT.
Achievements on SPEED.
"COST BENEFIT" appropriate.
CONFIDENCE in the results.
CUSTOM Service.
That's how I see this GREAT FRIEND Company."

Wilson Geraldo Guarnieri | Industrial Director - VULCABRÁS

"TBM, the largest manufacturer of textile yarns of Brazil, have the EIM partner in your endeavors. This is due to the quality of work performed, compliance with the agreed deadlines, excellent technical staff, easy and pleasant relationship with the people who make the EIM. In the last fifteen years, we have three new industrial units and, in all, we had the tranquility of the EIM terms as our partner."

Ricardo Jucá | Industrial Director – TBM

"The experience of working with EIM was, undoubtedly, a great learning! There were more than two years between the negotiation and conclusion of electromechanical assembly of a thermal power plant of 160 MW. During this period, I had the opportunity to meet a company formed by professionals, who are dedicated not only to the company's success in their core business, but also to continually revert part of this success in important improvements to society."

Renato Mota | Director - WARTSILA BRASIL

"Today in Brazil, the demand for specialized services and quality is a reality. However, the offer has been very scarce. EIM has the skill and ability to join a cast of collaborators committed, qualified and skilled, meeting with high quality service, a platform of industries located in the Northeast, becoming one of the best service providers of industrial electromechanical assembly in Brazil."

Pedro Lima | CEO - 3CORAÇÕES
Av. Washington Soares, 5700
Cambeba - Fortaleza/CE - CEP: 60822-142
Telefone: +55 85 3474.5000
Rua Maria Rita Barradas, 126
Piedade - Jaboatão dos Guararapes/PE - CEP: 54410-320
Telefone: +55 81 3339.0131