The EIM is a company that has always had the quality as a basic principle for the development of their activities. Thus was defined quality policy where are our goals and what we need to do to ensure the quality of our services.

ISO 9001
The ISO, in 1999 established the Company Quality System, was the starting point for a broad process of administrative modernization.

The Quality Management System encompasses all phases of the business, from the identification of needs and expectations, to customer satisfaction through the services, promoting a partnership relationship with all stakeholders in the business.

Maintain this standard of excellence is only possible through the development of human resources and improving processes. For this reason the Company promotes lifelong learning and training of its staff.

The concepts of 5s are known for several decades and have been applied since then. The sense that can be taught, refined, practiced for the human and professional growth. It should become a habit , custom and culture. The purpose of the 5S methodology is to improve efficiency by proper disposal of materials ( that is necessary to separate the unnecessary) , organization, cleaning and identification of materials and space , and the maintenance and improvement of the 5S itself . EIM uses the 5s system in his works in order to ensure greater productivity, reduced costs and better use of materials , better quality services, less accidents and greater employee satisfaction. The 5S are:

Sense of use. Refers to the practice of checking all the tools, materials, etc.. on the desktop and keep only the essentials for the work being performed. Everything else is stored or discarded. This process leads to a reduction of barriers to labor productivity.

Sense of ordering. Focuses on the need for an organized space. The organization in this sense refers to the arrangement of the tools and equipment in an order that allows the workflow. Tools and equipment should be left in places where they will be used later. The process must be done in order to eliminate unnecessary movements.

Sense of cleanliness. Designating the need to maintain as clean as possible the work space. Cleaning in Japanese companies is a daily activity . At the end of each working day , the environment is clean and everything is put back in place , making it easy to know what goes where , and know where it is what is essential . The focus of this procedure is to remember that cleaning should be part of daily work , and not merely an occasional activity when subjects are very untidy .

Sense of Standardization. Create standards and systematic that they must meet . Everything must be properly documented . The visual management is essential for easy understanding of each standard .

Sense of self-discipline or habit, custom. Refers to maintaining and reviewing standards. Once the previous 4 Ss have been established , they become a new way of working , not allowing a return to old practices . However , when a new improvement , or a new tool, or a decision to implement new practices , it may be advisable to review the four principles above.

The use of innovative management tools to view and use of artifacts as Agile Kanban boards and burndown charts facilitate the visualization of monitoring all daily activities and progress of the projects in the EIM . The kanban facilitates, and monitoring of who is performing certain activities, viewing by the manager who avoids questions about the progress of activities. The use of kanban board encourages a designed structure of the sectors that uses it.

EIM Industrial Facilities is certified ISO 9001 and to maintain its quality standard has several requirements, one of them is the continuous improvement of processes. EIM has a commitment to quality in everything it does. Thinking about it and relying on the excellence of the Japanese project was created KaizEIM : Kaizen + EIM.

The project KaizEIM is a project management tool that uses innovative Japanese KaizEIM linked to Knowledge Management and encouraging active and voluntary participation of all employees.

The essence of Kaizen process is the human content embedded in it, because they are the people who, using specific techniques, but especially their brains, creating a process of improvement that is born, grows, and never dies. The slogan of Kaizen is "better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today".

The concept of continuous improvement is applied in all directions:

• Industrial processes can be improved;
• Working methods can be optimized;
• Quality defects can be eliminated;
• Losses can be reduced;
• The customer service can be improved;

The Kaizen tool is a way of managing for maximizing productivity and profitability and that does not imply a significant increase in costs.

Incentive Program to employees to reward them for achievement and performance applied in the pursuit of profitability, combining organizational strategies with people's attitudes within the workplace EIM.

Satisfy clients, employees and partners through the development of human resources and continuous improvement of processesINO.
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